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Lokos are location based newsfeeds that allow you to share links, pictures or whatever locally. Open the app, select a Loko near you and post away. Or create a new Loko wherever you are.

How does it work?

It’s ridiculously simple. Loko Stations (or how the cool kids say "Lokos") are location based message boards that broadcast only as far as you choose - narrow the range to your building, expand it city-wide, or choose anything in between. Lokos can only be accessed by the people that are actually in your neighborhood, company or campus.

Sounds amazing? Yes / No

We thought so.
Nah...C'mon. It's amazing.

Creating a Loko

Everyone can create a Loko station. It’s super easy and you define the rules. Your station can be public or private, can be open to everyone to post their thoughts and pictures or limited to your posts only, like a location-based blog. The possibilities are endless!

Long story short.

Loko connects you not only with the people you already know but with everyone around you through content that matters to your location. Bam.

A few examples on how you can use Loko.

In your Neighborhood

Keep each other up to date on Jimmy's soccer game, discuss the latest news around your kid's school and keep up with other local happenings.

At Work

Make your company campus or building socially connected and let your employees share their thoughts and findings and find out when the next fire-drill is.

At a Landmark

Get infos and news about the famous spot you're at and post your experiences.

On Campus

Find the next hot party, see who is new on campus and maybe organize a study group.

At a LAN Party

Read and post what players are up next, share the latest results and decide who orders pizza.

In a New Area

New in town? Visiting a place you haven't been before? Check what's going on by looking into local Lokos.

At a Music Festival

Know what band is playing next, show your friends the photo with that hot celebrity you met and organize the next meeting point.

In the Mall

Find the latest deals, share your shopping experience and see what's new to spend money on.